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Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Everyone should be aware of all the dangers and consequences associated illegal surveillance.

All telephone systems are susceptible to eavesdropping. A high level of skill or technology is not required to intercept any of your private communication. There are many places where a wiretap can be located. Remote receivers can be placed in telephone handsets to intercept conversations. Eavesdropping or tap devices can also be located at the telephone junctions in the bottom of buildings, on the wires outside of your office or home, and on communication tower boxes.

There are new technologies that enable government agencies to use voice recognition surveillance that can track down terrorists and leaders of drug cartels. This is computer generated eavesdropping technique available to government agencies.

Almost all forms of electric communication and conversations can be eavesdropped without the use of expensive equipment or high expertise. Surveillance devises are easy to construct and a readily available in many electronics outlets. Very few manufacturers have restrictions as to whom they will sell wire-tap or electronic surveillance devices. With the range of small and Affordable eavesdropping equipment is so small and available now that increasingly it becomes more of a threat than ever before.

The most common bugging and eavesdropping devices:

A type of bugging device that does not use electronics is Acoustic Bugging. Eavesdropping is accomplished through the use of a an ear to a glass against the wall, a physician’s stethoscope, a hollow tube, digital recorder, tape recorder, or any eavesdropping device that enables the eavesdropper to overhear a conversation.

VLF Bugging device: This device will convert an audio signal sound that is not detected and cannot be heard by the human ear. This signal is intercepted and converted through ultrasound frequencies that are audible.

The most common type of bugging/audio device is the Radio Frequency device. These devices capture sounds and transport them to another location using Frequency devices.

Sounds converted into an optical pulse are Optical Bugs.

Someone you know or complete strangers to you can use these devices to intercept information in an effort to better position themselves. A wiretap or bugging device is a key part of pre-emptive intelligence interception. One of the warning signs of illegal spying is detecting eavesdropping. Eavesdropping can be detected and thwarted by a proactive eavesdropping detection approach.

ASI’s experienced team will use Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) or bug device detection, specializing in protecting your communications against illegal wiretapping, illegal eavesdropping, illegal voyeurism by video, and business/corporate spying.

Our TSCM equipment is state of the art in detecting eavesdropping or electronic bugs including but not limited to;

  • Illegal Hidden microphones
  • Illegal Taps and bugs
  • Illegal Transmitters
  • Illegal Audio recorders
  • *GPS tracking devices on your vehicles or cars
  • *Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV)
  • *Covert hidden cameras


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